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Poor SEO : Here’s Why Your SEO Is Not Working


If your website is not ranking and you are struggling to drive traffic to your website and conversions, then you might be missing something. One of the most effective ways to bring your website up in search results is implementing search engine optimization (SEO) into your marketing plan. But what if even after implementing SEO service for three months, your traffic, leads, and sales have not yet increased! Then you start wondering why your SEO is not working!

You may not be able to guess all the reason why your website is not ranking within Google, but through testing and investigation, you can find the correlations for why your website is not ranking. It will help you gain an insight as to why your SEO isn’t working.

Reasons for Poor SEO – Why SEO Isn’t Working

Poor Website Design

If your website architecture is not proper and it doesn’t delight your users. You can improve the website architecture by website structure evaluation, by improving navigation, implementing H1, H2, H3 tags, font consistency, text readability, analytics and measurements etc. 

Poor Website Speed 

Your website speed impacts ranking and website speed is becoming more of an SEO ranking factor. Moreover, with an increasingly mobile user, this has become more important as nobody wishes to stay if the website takes too long to load.

Bad Or Duplicate Content

If you created bad content which is not relevant or doesn’t satisfy the user. Or if your content is not original and engaging then it is considered bad content. Moreover, if the content is not optimized, or over-optimized then also it impacts ranking. To optimize the content make sure that the targeted keyword is present in the title tag, H1 tag, consistently in the entire content, alt text of images and also in H2 if any.

Technical Issues

Technical issues may prove to be a hurdle in your SEO and have the full potential to hurt your rankings. For example, your site might be preventing Google bot or crawler to crawl your website. The easiest way to detect a similar issue is to perform a technical and thorough audit of your site and improve it.

SEO strategies

Bad Backlinks

Your backlinks are important when it comes to ranking. If your backlinks are not coming from authoritative sites, this may hurt your ranking. One of the most assured ways to make Google rank you higher is to show that your content is authoritative and many trustworthy third party sites are linking to you in their content.

Website Not Responsive

A good website shows are responsive as 50% of the traffic comes from a mobile device. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you losing the maximum potential audience. And this may be one of the reasons why your SEO is not working. Make sure your website is responsive both on desktops and mobile devices.


Whether it’s overoptimization of contents like stuffing more keywords or over-optimization of the URL, Google considers it a bad practice. Overoptimized URL with exact match anchor text links can look spammy and paid links not earned naturally. Avoid over-optimizing the contents and URL.

Negative SEO

This is a third party intrusion in your marketing that negatively influence your website’s ranking. This involves your competitor creating tons of toxic backlinks on low-quality site for your website so that it seems paid links or manipulative in Google’s eye. However, this is quite a debated topic!

Lack of inbound links

Links are one of the most important variables in Google’s algorithm. The less inbound link also known as backlinks in the website can be considered invaluable for Google. Link building is not about buying links but it’s earning it naturally by creating great and engaging content. If your website has enough inbound links, Google considers your website as authoritative, trustworthy, and relevant enough to rank in SERP. 

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