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Color Scheme & Typography

Build A Brand by Choosing The Right Color And Typography

Your Brand Image is very crucial as it what perceived by the consumers. Above all, the good brand image drives more sales and boosts brand loyalty. In fact, this can be done by choosing the right colour and typography for your brand.

Have you ever wondered how to make your brand noticeable and trustworthy? Don’t worry, we will help you do so by optimizing your brand identity. A strong and unique brand identity helps build trust in your customer and entices them to visit more often. Here at Xtreme Web Tech, we will help choose fonts, right colour and typography for your brand that will make your brand unique, attractive and memorable. 

Your brand contains some of the distinguishing features such as logo, colour, fonts and typography that separates your brand from others. While providing Branding services to our clients, we also decide the right colour and typography for the brand. Our aim is to deliver them such work that helps them achieve brand loyalty from their relevant customers.

Selecting The Right Color And Typography

Selecting Color

Deciding brand colour can be challenging as different colours convey a different message. Choosing the right colour palette will not only make your brand distinguishing but it will also help get strong responses from your customers. Brand colours help attract customers as it has the power to portray emotions. The blue colour is most popular when it comes to choosing the colour for the logo. Red, grayscale, yellow and green comes next. Once we are done with the core brand colour, we choose other colour combinations with different grayscale variations. This will help convey brand personality.

Key To Build a Strong Brand Identity –

01. Make It Distinctive

Choose the right colour and typography that conveys the right message is really important. Make your brand distinctive and likeable.

02. Connect with Audience

The key to a better brand is that it should help you connect with your audience. Send them messages, make your social media presence etc.

03. Be consistent

Consistency is important in making your brand noticeable and reliable. It gives a perception of your company to the visitors outside of the content.

04. Stay Flexible

Although consistency is crucial but remaining flexible is what your audience is looking for. Flexibility allows for adjustments and modernizes the brand identity.

Selecting Typography

Apart from this, choosing the right fonts helps give underlying meaning and direction to your message. When it comes to choosing your brand fonts, we suggest using two (one for heading and other for body text) or maximum three fonts (one for the main heading, the second one for subheading and last for body text), Using more than that will make your brand look haphazard and clumsy.

Overall, if you are looking for a Branding agency who would help select a suitable colour scheme and typography for your brand, we are here.

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